I'm currently on the job market! I'm interested in making an impact in an industrial research lab focused on robot manipulation.

I design algorithms that enable robots to intelligently grasp objects and manipulate the world around them. Since 2017, I've been pursuing a Ph.D. in computer science at Brown University. I work in the Intelligent Robot Lab, advised by Professor George Konidaris.

During summer 2021, I had the pleasure of interning at Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories as a Robot Research Science Intern under the direction of Dr. Radu Corcodel.

Prior to joining Brown, I completed an M.S. in computer science at Northeastern University, advised by Robert Platt. I received a B.S. in electrical engineering from RPI. I also spent a summer in Robert Howe's Biorobotics Lab at Harvard University, two summers at Locus Robotics, and a summer at Vecna Technologies.

You can download my CV here.

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